Friday, 1 June 2012

Lazy days.

I must admit that we have had a totally idyllic week, lazing in the sun, reading, fishing and generally lolling around. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and yesterday we moved down to Salt. Not that being at Salt is not good, just that we loved being out in the country. Once again we abused our digestive systems with a vast meal at The Hollybush and today it was round to Tixall Wide where we pinched the last mooring space and that was at 1000hrs. Don't really like crowded moorings but this will do for The Jubilee.
This week has seen a succession of ex working boats making their way to Etruria for the gathering,

 sometimes they creep up on you,

quite startled me as I was concentrating on my float. I suppose I should have taken more pictures but somehow it all seemed too much effort. Now it has all cooled down perhaps I'll get back in the swing.

Watch this space.............

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