Monday, 18 June 2012

O.K., I was wrong. No change there then.

I should have known better than to argue. So it's a humble apology to Geoff and to Ditchcrawler.

With reference to my post of the 10th. of June, they were right, I was wrong, the strange collection of scaffold poles is B.W.'s attempt at temporary handrails. This one was at Wightwick on the Staffs. & Worcs.

This is the finished handrail at (I think) Dimmingsdale Lock, a triumph of 'elf and safety over common sense. I must grudgingly admit it isn't too obtrusive.

Today, having survived the deluge, we headed off onto the Staffs. & Worcs., heading towards Stourport.

Aldersley Junction and the bottom of the Wolverhampton Twenty One, the route up to the Black Country. We headed past and down to Compton where, in the old boatyard, there was this amazing display of lupins.

I don't know about you but I think this blog has been getting a bit too flowery lately, I will have to stop it before I burst out into poetry.
We eventually stopped above The Bratch and it was noticed that the bank was low, so one side of the hull got some swift attention with a pot of matt black and a paint roller. the left hand side no longer shows the winter's ravages. Of course I expect that when we emerge from the bottom of The Bratch half of it will have been scraped off again.

Watch this space.................

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