Monday, 9 July 2012

We're off on a road trip.

The boat is nicely snugged in the paint dock at Norbury and we, having survived a week of monsoon rain, thunderstorms like Armegeddon, trees blown down across the cut and two nights at The Anchor, have hired a car and are off visiting.

Just as a taster here is a view of the car park at Cherwell Services on the M40.
We are now at father's in Morden and further posts will follow when something interesting happens. So far the highlight has been taking a different route to the one the sat. nav. suggested, she gets quite upset about it.

Watch this space..............


Mo said...

Oh goody, off in the car. A treat for us would be photos of car parks and cul-de-sacs with double yellow lines. Thats if you're not too busy.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Trust me, it'll get even more exciting, have you ever been to Croydon?

Mo said...

Too much, too soon.
Remember I haven't been further than Margate so I'm not used to anything that isn't horsedrawn.