Thursday, 14 June 2012

Honeysuckle Rose.

We had our curry at Brewood, as usual it was superb, King Prawn Naga, spicy but not heavy, loved it.
As we were at Brewood

we thought we might as well go another couple of miles down to Wheaton Aston and top up with diesel, as it turned out when we got there they were queuing so we carried on down to Little Onn for the night and this morning we had an early(ish) start and arrived back at Turners Garage before others were moving. Topped up, where else can you get red diesel at 71.9p a litre (domestic)?
Whilst at Little Onn we had an afternoon stroll up the lanes around Church Eaton, the hedgerows were full of honeysuckle,

and dog roses.

Hence the title of this post, Honeysuckle Rose was the title of a song which, in my misspent yoof, we used to sing of a weekend up the local working man's club in Sarf Lunnon. Used to go up there with me old gran, Nell, she introduced me to beer and fags (That's cigarettes to anyone from the USA). That was in the days of sing-a-longs and knees ups. I gave up the fags long ago but still have a strong affection for the occasional pint of ale.

July's Canal Boat has a report of the outcome of the Judicial Review of B.W.'s revised Mooring Guidance for Boaters without a Home Mooring. The National Bargee Travellers Association applied for the review on the grounds that the guidance was contrary to waterways law and in breach of the Human Rights and Equality Acts. Well to cut a long story short Mr Justice Eder kicked it into touch and ruled that B.W.'s guidance is in line with the 1995 Act and said that assertions concerning the Human Rights and Equality Acts were misconceived. B.W. was awarded £15,000 costs. So, depending on your point of view it's either brilliant news for continuous cruisers or it's plainly an establishment attack on the rights of continuous moorers. I know where I stand.

Watch this space..................

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