Thursday, 21 June 2012

Could it be a Shakespearean Actor?

We're sitting here at Kinver watching the rain and I cast my mind back to yesterday, we had the second dry day in a row, if it had not been for my usual cunctation we would have had two days of dry travelling, oh well, we enjoyed the walk on Tuesday.
The Bratch with its toll house and side pounds.

With the help of the friendly lockie it didn't take long and it was on to

the best named lock on the system, it has an almost Dickensian ring to it, "Bumblehole Lock", or it could be a Shakespearean actor. It would be great if he was knighted," Sir Bumblehole Lock", has a definite air to it. The mind is inclined to wander, I worry that one day it won't find it's way back.
At Botterham Staircase we had a clear run through

and so onwards to our next stop at Greensforge and

The Navigation. I do wish, in pubs, that when they put Steak and Ale Pie on the menu they served up a pie, not a bowl of stew with a sheet of pastry placed on top. It was very tasty but it wasn't a pie. This morning it was off again, passing the Stourbridge Canal,

another route into the Black Country, and so to Kinver.

There was plenty of room on the moorings and the village was nigh on deserted. Tonight it's fish and chips from the local chippie, not had a fish supper for quite a while. As a point of gastronomic correctness, you have mushy paese with fish and chips, NOT tartare sauce.

Watch this space............

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John Warner said...

On the Steak & Ale pie comment, I'm with you there sir,