Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Wombourne station and the Monarch's Way.

Sometimes a simple suggestion leads to the unexpected. This morning Jill suggested a walk and after the usual, "Where do you fancy?", "No, you choose", we spotted, on the map, the old railway line that runs up parallel with the canal. In the past we'd seen the Station Cafe signposted so that was where we set off for and no, we didn't stop for a snack. The surprise was that the cafe is actually the old station.

On checking I was surprised to find that it was built by the G.W.R., the line ran from Stourbridge to Dudley. The station opened in 1925 and closed in 1932, not exactly a long life.

Like most railway lines it's dead straight but it runs through some attractive farmland. Once we left the track we headed off across the fields following The Monarchs Way,

now please forgive my scepticism but, even in this jubilee year, I don't reckon Her Majesty has ever been along this track.

I'd say it hasn't seen any royal feet since about 1651. We followed it as far as Mopps Farm Bridge, well it goes as far as Shoreham in Sussex and we couldn't fit it all in before lunch, joined the towpath

and headed back for the boat. Just above Ebstree Lock Bletchley and Argus were fully loaded

getting ready to head off for the Grand Union.
The temporary hand rails at the lock are even better than usual.

That really improves safety.

At least it has one of Brindley's circular weirs to compensate.
Tomorrow it's The Bratch.

Watch this space............

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blog, and may I be so bold as to comment on one of your entries: The railway that ran through Wombourne actually ran from Stourbridge to Wolverhampton, not Dudly - and if that wasn't confusing enough, it was one of two lines that linked those two towns.
Happy floating!