Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hey Nonny No and a brown goldfish.

We're in love with these moorings.

What a view like this from the kitchen window who wouldn't be? None of the drama of the Welsh hills or the Peak District, just rural England in the spring. I feel like singing about May mornings with a "Hey Nonny No" or two thrown in for good measure but in the interests of music I won't bother.
This morning whilst sitting on the bank I could here a boat approaching that appeared to be making the most peculiar wheezing noises, as it drew nearer the sound resolved itself into someone in the cabin playing what sounded like Morris dance tunes on an accordion, so I was not alone in my desire to express myself musically, they were just better at it.

Why was I sitting on the bank? Yes I have resurrected the old split cane and wooden star back reel and put the carbon pole back on the shelf. The fish is a brown goldfish, there are a lot of these in the canals, presumably descendants of aquarium fish dumped by bored owners or possibly washed out of ponds by floods. They put up a good fight for their size. The shirt is a left over from the Florida Holiday.
Our old friends Baz and Jen have just turned up on Wandering Star so it's a social evening coming up.

Watch this space............


Nick Holt said...

Evening Graham

The mooring, and the way you spent the day, both look wonderful!

I'm one very jealous boater, trapped as I currently am, at work in a hot, sticky London office, with the chance of escaping to the 'sanity' of our boat still many days away.

Good for you! I hope you enjoy your evening...

best wishes Nick 'nb. Eileen'

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Hi Nick,
Please don't use the "W" word, it still gives me cold shivers.
We had a great evening, the world has been put to rights.
Will have to move tomorrow, water tank getting low.