Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wot we did today.

Market Drayton lives up to its name, on Wednesdays it has one of the best markets going, the entire main street is lined with stalls, everything from fresh vegetables to smoking paraphanalia, and not necessarily tobacco from the look of some of it, each to their own I suppose. After a stroll up and down the length of the market we came away with two small torches, just right for finding our way back down the towpath after a visit to, well anywhere really. There is a little stall that sells the best Staffordshire oatcakes and Jill bought me a dressed crab for my lunch at the fish stall and I've got a kipper for brekkies, good result. I would have had a few more fishing floats but Jill spotted what I was up to and kiboshed that idea.
This afternoon we bit the bullet and got the cleaning gear out and the left side of the boat now gleams. It was lovely working in the sunshine, after the long winter and the recent grey weather I was starting to feel a somewhat etiolated, a bit like a stick of forced rhubarb, pale and drawn out.

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