Saturday, 19 March 2011

We move to Little Onn and I've done all the jokes in the past.

My goodness, how time flies. On Wednesday we walked up and around to Avenue Bridge.

 From the canal you don't realise what a large structure it is.

Its balustrade stretches out in an elegant curve,

its ancient stones bedecked with lichen

and well carved with graffiti. I wonder who R.H.W. was and what he was doing in 1899. I must admit that I find it fascinating.

Brewood for shopping, when in Brewood you just have to take a photo' of Speedwell Castle, a classic of taste and design, I didn't say good taste now did I.
We had our meal at the Curry Inn, superb as usual, thank you Sam.
Yesterday we moved on, stopping to top up the diesel tank

at Wheaton Aston, 74.9p per litre, domestic. Then on to Little Onn

where we are waiting for this afternoons rugby, go England!! Dare we even think grand slam?

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