Tuesday, 22 March 2011

One swallow doesn't make a summer.

I always seem to be at least a day behind. Yesterday, Monday, we left Little Onn and headed north, just before Cowley Bridge (32) we saw a true harbinger of summer, the first swallow of the year, he seemed to be glad to be here. On through Gnosall and on to Norbury Junction where we got rid of rubbish, watered and raided the book swap, the usual collection of turgid romantic novels with a few gems sheltering among them. I now have to read Robinson Crusoe; and I thought it was a pantomime.
Through Grubb Street cutting with the well known High Bridge

but no sign of the resident spectre, claimed to be a black, ape like creature, ooh'er. All we saw were several Brimstone butterflies, their primrose yellow wings flashing in the sunlight. We passed the Anchor, you won't see me write that very often, and eventually moored at Goldstone Wharf for the night. They have actually fitted the waterpoint that they have been threatening for at least a year, it's a replacement for the one at Tyrley which went belly up a couple of years back, it's there but not connected, oh well.
This morning we tackled Woodseaves with it's famous rock slide,

and the as yet uncleared obstruction in the canal, is it possible that they pinched the warning buoys off of a fibreglass cruiser?
We are now at Market Drayton as Jill has broken a tooth and needed to see a fang cobbler. We found one and next thing I'm in the chair and booked in for a filling and a clean and scale so it looks as though we're stuck in the area for a while, never mind, back to the Anchor on Friday, well it's not far.

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