Thursday, 3 March 2011

We join the Trent and Mersey.

The Coventry is not a canal you can fall in love with despite it being a vital link in the system, it never gets far from the large conurbations and to be honest it is mostly shallow and grubby. I'll be kind, it has lots of heritage.

This is Huddlesford Junction where the Wyrley and Essington came down from the B.C.N. Another long term restoration, I doubt if I'll live long enough to traverse it.

But all things must end and the Coventry ends at Fradley Junction, a bit of canal that throws everything at you, swing bridge, junction, locks

and the Mucky Duck.

Not forgetting my lovely lock worker.
Yesterday we had lunch in the Swan, hence no blog.

Before that we had strolled round the nature reserve, it looked a bit bleak in the overcast weather we have been enjoying.
Here's one for the ornithologists.

What's this? I only recognise a duck if it is accompanied by a few roasties and a drop of gravy.
We had just got back to the boat and who should turn up?

Mal, an old acquaintance from Olive's on the Shroppie. As he 's taking his guitar down the pub tonight we have decided to stay put another day. If anyone is wondering, yes, that is Thursdays Child in the background.

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