Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thoughts of mint sauce and yet more graffiti.

Service complete, thanks to Simon and all his merry men, usual good job done and the bill didn't hurt, well not too much.
We had a couple of walks while we were at Norbury. Up the cut to High Bridge and then around the lanes and back via Norbury village. Spring is now in fast forward,

this sycamore was just coming into leaf/flower.

In Sussex, as a kid, we used to call them pissybeds. They do have a diuretic effect so we weren't far off.

Oh see the little woolly lambs
All dancing on their gay toes.
How my heart does yearn for them,
With green peas and potatoes.
N.B. In this context gay means happy and carefree.
We wandered on

to the parish church, locked, it's a sad comment on Britain today. Around the south door I found some interesting graffiti.

Good old T E B.

This appears to be a demonic head but is rather badly weathered, perhaps it's just a portrait of T E B.

This is definitely a sun dial, the idea was that the parishioners could just put a stick in the central hole as a gnomon and then they had no excuse for being late for the service, hard luck if it was cloudy. It could well date back to the 15th century. Does it count as graffiti?
If you've seen Loynton Moss mentioned in Nicholsons

this is it, it's a swamp.

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