Monday, 7 March 2011

Great Heywood Junction and don't forget the coming census.

A move up to Tixall,

as you approach Great Haywood you get some good views of Shugborough Hall.
Haywood Lock has the leakiest bottom gates we've come across for a while, so much water was leaking out that a passer by asked if we had left a paddle up, but it was just pouring through and round the gates, seems the lock was closed over winter for repairs, obviously they didn't work.
As you turn onto the Staffs.&Worcs. it is compulsory to take a picture

of the junction bridge. You must admit it is an extremely elegant structure, somehow it wouldn't look the same in poured concrete.
Then you have the aquaduct, I do love the label that they have on it,

let's see, bridge with water on it going over the river, yep, I reckon that's right, it's an aquaduct.
After mooring just beyond the Wide I decided I ought to sort out how we could get on the census so I rang the Census Helpline, got hold of a splendid chap who immediately became highly confused as we had no address, static boats, circus performers, no problem but a continuous cruiser? After several consultations with various supervisors we worked out a compromise, they will send the form to our daughter who can then let me know the reference number on the form and then I can fill it in online. I hope this time the form will allow me to be English, I am not a white European, that's them foreigners over the channel. Last census I ticked "Other" and then put English in the little box. Sorry, what does xenophobic mean?

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Alf said...

Yes, it does allow you to be either English or British. So your (& others !) point making obviously worked !