Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday forenoon.

Just had two most enjoyable evenings in The Anchor, one of the last pubs on the waterways, no food, no piped music, no totally incomprehensible fruit machines, just good beer and fine people. Just feeling a wee bit fragile right now.
Being a good person I've dutifully filled out the census form, I wonder what they will make of "Bridge 42 Shropshire union Canal" as our address. In the section that requires information about your last job and what was your main function I put "Selling tat to the gullible", well I worked in a garden centre and that just about sums it up. The whole thing appears to just be a bureaucratic exercise in prod nosing, but the local live aboard boaters seem to have taken a robust attitude to it, it has largely been ignored.
Everybody has been moaning about losing an hours sleep because of the clocks going forward, I solved it very easily, I just didn't get up at my normal time, I stayed in bed for that extra (theoretical) hour, simple.
It's off to Norbury tomorrow, all of forty five minutes down the cut, another strenuous day.

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