Friday, 25 March 2011

Retracing our steps.

Backtracking towards Norbury Junction for our spring service. Diesel engines are a total mystery to me, in fact if an engine has more than one cylinder and it doesn't say B.S.A. or Norton on the fuel tank then I'm baffled, therefore I let someone else do the technical stuff. That way if something does go wrong I can blame everybody except myself.
Also no dentist until Monday week.
The first feature you meet after leaving Market Drayton is Tyrley Locks, one of the more attractive flights and with only five in the flight not to strenuous.

The approach is through the bosky environs of Tyrley cutting, the red sandstone still shows the pick marks from the navvies who hacked it out.

The next pound is still under the trees and has a rock shelf projecting out below water level on the right, there is no way you can get a boat in against the towpath, this can make life a little difficult, especially at busy times.

You then have a couple of pounds through open fields and at the top

the mellow red brick of Tyrley Wharf. Then it is into the gaping maw of Woodseaves where the rock fall still sits smugly in the channel. Apparently the plant that the contractors will use to shift it has developed technical problems, so whatever inchoate plans they had are now even further up in the air.

For any sceptics out there this is proof that there is a new (non functional) water point at Goldstone Wharf. Makes you proud of B.W. doesn't it.
We are now at The Anchor, perhaps a small libation this evening.

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