Thursday, 10 March 2011

Penkridge, a stop for mail.

It was a bit blowy yesterday but we set out for Penkridge as (hopefully) there will be some mail waiting at the post office.

Tixall Lock gave the fore end a good wash and at Deptmore Lock

the old lockies cottage is getting a total transformation, including an extension out the back. I hope whoever is spending large quantities of cash realise that they will be the object of the curiosity of numerous boaters.
As we passed through Acton Trussel a boat came through Acton Moat Bridge, as we approached each other I edged over toward the towpath, he held firmly to the centre, I edged closer to the side, as we passed his wash threw us into the side while the chap steering looked straight ahead, I thanked him for leaving us so much space, he looked surprised that I was slightly put out at being pushed up the bank. We did not pass another boat before arriving at Shutt Hill Lock and surprise surprise! the last boat through had left the bottom gates open, so my nomination for skilled and considerate boater of the day goes to the chap on Aslan, well done. We didn't mind the gates being left as they were in our favour, it would have been a different story if we had been coming down, have you ever seen a boater turn purple?

This is the well known iron post at Shutt Hill, it was used to turn boats into a dock that was sited here, they realigned the road and the dock was buried so this is all that remains to remind us of past traffics.
 We decided on lunch in The Boat and a pint of Wells' Bombardier which proved to be the best kept beer I have had in a while and the Mixed Grill was ample and tasty, well done The Boat.

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