Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bridge 8, Shropshire Union and the probable future of red diesel.

These are great moorings at this time of year, apart from the bird scarer that goes off every few minutes. Just a few boats at the moment, come summer it will be nose to tail moorers but at the moment there is even room to fish without annoying anyone.

Eight I caught altogether, this was the biggest, couldn't get pictures of most of them, I don't have a micro lens on the camera, let's just say whitebait/sprat.
Tomorrow to Brewood and, as usual, a visit to the Curry Inn, best Indian Restaurant on the cut and after that a hunt for diesel, tank getting below normal levels.
Did anyone see, in one of the Waterways Mags., that our dear friends in Brussels are now after stopping us obtaining red diesel altogether? It seems that the Belgians are already fining British yachts that turn up over there with any trace of red in their tanks and they are pushing the E.U. to ban all sales to leisure boats that don't have a separate domestic tank. Needless to say our Europeans overlords are right behind the suggestion. Let's see if this government has the guts to stand up to them or whether they will roll over and surrender, no prizes for guessing what will happen!

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