Monday, 4 October 2010

A lock with an apple tree.

On Saturday we moved on down to Cropredy, lovely weather and surprisingly few boats, seeing as it was Banbury Canal day on Sunday. On Sunday it hurled it down, waves big enough to surf on on the cut and I swear I saw Helen McArthur sail past. So it was the Red Lion at lunchtime for a beer or two and again in the evening for a meal, so much for weight loss.

Today we left Cropredy and under clear skies and weather so warm I had to take my fleece off we came down to Banbury. The lock cottage at Cropredy has this wonderful apple tree, loaded with fruit and the occupant has put a basket of apples out with a sign saying help yourself, nice chap. I find it sad, the number of apple trees to be seen in gardens with the fruit just dropping and rotting, when I was a youth we would have scrumped them long before that happened, I suppose you would get an ASBO now for such criminal behaviour.
Moored just by Morrisons and topped up the fridge, sprats for breakfast tomorrow, sheer bliss.

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