Sunday, 24 October 2010


Another day spent at Ladder Bridge. We have taken the opportunity to do some towpath walking, you see things when walking that you miss from the boat,

like this fine range of farm buildings at Stoneton Farm

and, if you look closely, some mysterious earthworks on the hillside near Stoneton Manor, it looks like an abandoned medieval village but isn't marked on the O.S. map, where's Time Team when you need them?

Gone away is the bluebird,

Here to stay is a new bird,
in this case a flock of fieldfares newly arrived from Scandinavia and now scoffing all the hedgerow berries.

Full moon last night so here's one for the astronomers, or maybe the lunatics?

White bryony, pretty but fifteen of those berries can kill a child, not friendly.

This footbridge has replaced the old one which was made from a single baulk of timber, right across the cut. By the time they took it down it had sagged so much we had to take our chimney down to get under it. I don't know why they have named it Wedding Bridge now, last year we chatted to an elderly chap in Wormleighton, he told us his mother had been the last postmistress in the village and that the bridge had originally been built to enable the postie get to the farms in the valley, sounds feasible.

Final picture for today, now that is what you call a pork chop, none of those wimpy things with all the fat trimmed off, roll on dinner!

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