Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cropredy, Banbury and a barn owl.

We've been up and down this stretch like a yo-yo, after Morrisons it was back to Cropredy to meet cousin Rob and his wife Mary who were with us for two days. Day one: up to the winding hole at Claydon, back to Cropredy and dinner at the Red Lion, spot on as usual. Day two: down to Banbury and back, avoiding

hordes of canoeists,

some of whom dropped their canoes on the lock bollards just as we tried to pull in,

but undeterred our temporary ships company leapt into action while a happy canoeist departed,

they then stood and waited for applause for their efforts.
We winded at Banbury and I made a first, I managed a clean turn without hiting either side of that horrible, narrow winding hole by Tramway Moorings.

Below Banbury lock, note autumnal colours,

we met a chap from, I think it was, the Owl Trust, with this splendid fellow, a totally laid back barn owl.
Then back to Cropredy, again, packed visitors into their car and off they went,homeward bound.
This morning, to my amazement, I found a signal on my dongle so normal (erratic) service is resumed.

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