Friday, 8 October 2010

A day of contrasts.

Yesterday was a busy day, Jill wanted to go down to Nell Bridge to stock up with sausages from the small holding/moorings so it was up with the lark.

Bridge 176 was doing its best to loom eerily through the mist

while the sun rose over the Cherwell water meadows.
We went down to Nell Bridge and Jill nipped ashore while I winded the boat. We are now well stocked with sausages, pork chops, buffalo steaks and burgers.
While winding I was passed by a small boat, the chap on the tiller was wearing a life jacket and a CRASH HELMET! I didn't dare ask.
On the way back to Banbury we went through a couple of bridges,

one appears to suffer from schizophrenia and the other, well it says it all doesn't it, that's the rat race in the background.
Just after this there was a sudden commotion in the reeds and a Muntjac deer fled across the fields, far too quick for a 'photo, what better reason for our way of life.

The old corn chandlers building has been repainted, looks really smart.
Now for the real reason for our visit to Banbury, after numerous complaints about shedding hair the time had come!



What a transformation, Captain Birdseye to Mr Smooth, a bit chilly about the ears though.


cairstine said...

Bloody hell! You look almost respectable.

cairstine said...

Life jacket and crash helmet - I would guess epilepsy