Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Odds and ends.

We did moor for a day in Banbury centre and while there Nuneaton and Brighton of the Narrow Boat Trust came through, as the last time we met them we managed to push them up the bank I kept a low profile, just in case they remembered. Just look who is moored opposite!
Since then we've been back up to Cropredy for a weekend socialising with old friends Chris and Jude on Theathenia, much wine and good conversation.

The old lock house at Bourton Lock is still empty and derelict, as it has no mains water, electric and no road access, I can't see it being lived in again.

No real reason to include this photo', I just love donkeys.

This is the foundry at Banbury, it must be about the only industry left on the Oxford Canal, needless to say it doesn't use water transport.
We are back at Tramway Moorings for more shopping, we have visitors next weekend so need to top up, again.

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