Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Back on the move.

Early morning below Cropredy lock with mist and small black dog,

and autumn colours in the trees. Yesterday I set out determined to catch one of the big carp that inhabit the canal at Cropredy, guess what, not a nibble and then it chucked it down so it was back in the boat to watch Countdown, how exciting can life get?
Last night another meal in the Red Lion,

in the restaurant they have some intriguing paintings on the walls,

I think frescoes have to be painted onto wet plaster

so they're just paintings on the wall, or are they murals, don't ask me, I get confused.
Thank you Warren and crew for looking after us so well.
Anyway today we broke out of the Banbury-Cropredy rut and headed north, the nice people on the boat ahead of us left all the top lock gates open and the top paddles up, wasn't that kind of them? Shame they were too far ahead for me to have a pleasant chat with them. Luckily at Claydon there were boats coming down so the flight was ok. We are now moored on the summit and looking forward to a few days rural peace.

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