Monday, 25 October 2010

Nice Day, and we moved.

Ladder Bridge to Napton Adkins Lock in a world turned white with frost.

On the way we passed the earthworks at Stoneton Manor, the frost and low sun showed them quite clearly, definitely a medieval village.

Above Adkins Lock, there was Harnser, just back from her travels, sorry we just missed you, one day.

We've moored between the lock and bridge 116, a perfect autumn day on a perfect mooring. When you throw in a good signal for the dongle it just gets better.

Water buffalo come from the tropics, I bet these chaps felt a bit parky this morning.

The pound between locks 11 and 12 is a hive of activity, as we had the dog with us we didn't plough through the mud to see what is going on, I will investigate and publish, watch this space.
Incidentally, last nights pork chop dinner was just superb, roast vegetables to go with the chops and we rounded it off with an apple crumble made from little apples from the hedgerow served up with clotted cream, it doesn't get better.