Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A bit about sprats and the Cherwell valley.

If you are cooking sprats they must be really fresh, rolled in seasoned flour and fried quickly. They must be really hot when you serve them, if they've cooled they get a bit greasy. Eat them with well buttered white bread and you'll never taste anything better.That's what we had for breakfast and this afternoon the boat still smelled of them, worth it though.

I know it looks like a picture of a 'flu virus but it is an ivy flower.

Enough of the asides, back to the main plot: It was a lazy day today, we only moved a couple of miles down to Twyford Bridge and then took a stroll down the towpath

alongside the River Cherwell. (Pronounced Charwell)

Kings Sutton church dominates the skyline

with its wonderful spire

towering over the valley.
These aren't bad moorings apart from the nearby M40, the continual drone of the traffic gets a bit wearing, in summer the moorings are packed but now they are nearly empty. Weather forecast not good so may stay put tomorrow.

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