Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wheels and seasons, both on the turn.

Today the river has been quite busy, we've seen seven boats on the move.
It has been our last day with the manual guillotine gates and we finally worked out the plan.

First obtain a posidrive screwdriver, available at most boaters tool boxes.

Insert in a conveniently located hole in the operating wheel.

Get wife to make one hundred turns using screwdriver as handle while you sing "Proud Mary", you all know the line, "Big wheel keep on turning".
Scurry back onto boat before she catches up with you.

Not only the wheel but the seasons are turning, on the hill above the river by Irthlingborough Lock they are already starting the harvest.

Four of these monsters were proclaiming the approach of autumn as they stripped a huge prairie field of its bounty.
Now on the moorings at Rushden & Diamonds, not only have they shut all the services here but now have closed off two-thirds of the moorings for no obvious reason.

Watch this space...........


Yvonne said...

Hi Graham,
I've been told they've closed moorings and services as they were owned & run by the football club who are in administration. Not sure how true that is but sounds about right.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

The services were closed when Rushden & Diamonds went broke but the moorings stayed open. Now they have shut most of the moorings.