Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It's been a bit of a Lark.

The view across the river at about 0400 today. We're not normally available for photo' opportunities at that hour but sometimes we need to arise, it's an age thing.
We were both up at 0700 though as we had decided on an early start to make sure we could get on the facilites. Our ears pricked up at about 0730 when we heard what sounded very much like a steam whistle and shortly after saw a column of steam and smoke from the direction of the station.

Just had time to grab the camera as not one, but two locomotives crossed the bridge.

Gresley A4 60009, Union of South Africa being piloted by K4 2-6-0  61994, the Great Marquess. It seemed a bit of overkill really as they only had two coaches on.

We were soon off and after a quick stop, pump out (Free), water topped up and rubbish disposed of, we started down stream.

The railway runs alongside the river here and we were overtaken by a train of stone hoppers. Just put it in for dramatic contrast.
After a couple of miles we came to

the mouth of the River Lark and took a swift right under the A10.

At this end the Lark is straight, wide and clear.

It's like floating on an aquarium.

Had to take it carefully through the bridge at Prickwillow, got to love the name, as they are busily drilling holes in it.

Lots of these overhead as it's only a couple of miles from Mildenhall.

Just the one lock on the Lark, at Isleham, Jill took the photo' looking back as we exited. The lock is fully automated, even the bottom gates are electric, makes her life that bit easier.

Above the lock the river changes its character, it narrows right down and becomes as twisted as a politicians tongue.

The bridge marks the limit of navigation, there is ample room to wind and good moorings.

Refreshments are available. Good beer and the burger with chilli and cheese is a real treat.

Watch this space...........

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