Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I really, really wanted to stop at Wadenhoe.

There is a pair of Egyptian Geese living in Oundle Marina. They are native to Africa and were introduced to Britain in the 18thC. as an ornamental addition to park lands. It seems they were officially declared a pest in 2009. Not half the pest those blasted Canadian things are.

We left our refuge and were immediately confronted by Upper Barnwell Lock and the Mill at Oundle, now a high class eatery. Soon got us into our routine, Jill working the lock and me dreaming of the menu.

 Near Lilford Hall Jill spotted these ecclesiastical looking ruins in the woods. A bit of investigation reveals that when they built the hall they flattened the village to create a park, well you wouldn't want the peasants hanging around would you? They rebuilt part of the church as a folly, as one does.
Having had to change our plans it made stopping at Wadenhoe impracticable,

so we had to pass up on the Kings Head, sigh!
The signs about no mooring because of newts seem to have been removed, whether it was only for the spring breeding season I know not.

The splendid old church still stands on its hill beside the river.

Titchmarsh Lock was our last of the day and we have stopped by the sailing club at Thrapston.
So far so good with the alternator.

Watch this space..........

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