Thursday, 3 July 2014

Weed cutting at Prickwillow.

After a pleasant evening in the Judes Ferry and a good nights sleep we set off back down the Lark. At Prickwillow they were still merrily drilling holes in the bridge and just downstream the E.A. was busy. Not one but two weed cutters were at work.

They are amazing bits of kit, a bit like aquatic combines.

The weed is cut and then conveyed up a belt into the body of the boat.

To unload they simply lift the cutter over the bank and throw the whole lot into reverse. Lots of piles of cut weed along the banks around here.
Prickwillow is home to the Drainage Engines Museum so while we were at the water point I wandered over for a look.

Closed Thursdays, oh well.

Watch this space.......

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