Monday, 4 August 2014

Just one darn thing after another!

Last Thursday we set off from Rushden and Diamonds and we got

as far as the bridge when the temperature gauge went off the scale and the overheating alarm sent its dulcet note along the river. So we crept back to the moorings and on the way the engine temperature suddenly dropped and the alarm ceased its yowling. Aha! says I, must be a sticking thermostat. A quick call to friend Mark and he was on his way. Diagnoses proved correct and he zoomed off and was soon back with a new part. Once it was fitted a test run showed all back to normal. So Friday we set off again.

This time we made it through the bridge and proceeded merrily on our way.

Passed this rather distinctive boat just above Ditchford Lock and so onward to Earls Barton. Just above the lock there are some most pleasant unofficial moorings and we soon had pins in and spent a restful night.

 We had planned to spend a day there so next morning I flashed up the motor to top up the batteries and ten minutes later the overheating alarm went off. I knew what the problem was, an airlock in the system, Mark and I had discussed the possibility after changing the thermostat and I was prepared. Out came the nine mill spanner and I attacked the bleed screw on the top of the skin tank. Could I shift it? Could I b*gg*ry. Hooray for R.C.R., once more they came to the rescue, the engineer was the proud possessor of a much longer spanner and it was soon sorted.

Then it rained all day, sometimes I feel just a touch paranoid.
Yesterday we were on the move again, as far as the E.A. moorings at Northampton Washlands.

Bit of duckweed about.

Watch this space.................

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