Monday, 14 July 2014

Roses and runners.

The bank behind the moorings at Upwell has been turned into a garden. Someone has taken a lot of trouble setting it up. Besides the flowers it has many culinary herbs just waiting to be used, it even has a crown of rhubarb. But what really takes the eye, and the nose, are the roses.

I couldn't resist coming all over arty.
We tore ourselves away this morning and headed off down Well Creek once again.

Marmont Priory Lock with its friendly lady lock keeper. Just make sure you 'phone her and let her know you are coming. We were presented with some runner beans by her other half so I assume we were regarded as welcome visitors.

At Low Corner we turned off onto Popham's Eau and headed for Three Holes. The moorings are still as pleasant as they were in May, in fact they seem to have been little used, reeds are growing along the edge.
Now when we leave here do we go back through March of head off down the Sixteen Foot Drain?

Watch this space.........

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