Monday, 21 July 2014

There is something original in today's offering.

After topping up the store cupboard yesterday and the water tank this morning we were away from Peterborough bright and early.

We went over this bridge on the train on Saturday.

As you approach Alwalton Lock from downstream you come across four yellow buoys in the river, no indication as to why they are there but as there are two either side I assumed the middle was the way to go. How wrong can you be? Despite slowing right down and approaching in a most gingerly fashion we ground (literally) to a halt. Solidly stugged on a gravel bar. Lots of revs astern, nope, no movement. Poling from the front, no chance. Fortunately, just as we were giving up and settling in for a long stay, another boat appeared and very kindly gave us a pull and soon had us back afloat.

We pulled in to the pontoon moorings at Wansford Station where the local ducks were soon busily clearing the weed off of the hull. It had taken us three hours to cover the same distance we covered in twenty minutes by train.
An exploration of the local footpaths found us back down at Water Newton and the lure of possible graffiti in St. Remigius's church brought us into that noble edifice.

 No graffiti but we found the tomb of a chap with what I should think is unique in Christian names.

The one and only Original Jackson Esq.

And if you have ever wondered how far Water Newton is from London, well now you know.

Watch this space.........

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