Monday, 7 July 2014

Jill does David Attenborough.

For anyone interested by yesterdays reference to flint knapping, click this, it is well worth perusing, especially the videos.
Today we moved on from Brandon. The Little Ouse is amazing for the varied wildlife that lives along its banks so, as I am feeling bone idle, mostly photo's, all courtesy of Jill, duty snapper.

Banded demoiselle sitting on the boat roof.

Green plover, lapwing, peewit, pyewipe. Probably a lot more dialect names for this one.

Lots of great crested grebes along the river.

Greylag x domestic geese.

I know it's not wildlife but what a splendid chap he is. A few steaks there.


These are the highlight of the day. Marsh Harriers, we saw more of these than any other raptor apart from the ubiquitous kestrel.
We are now back on the Great Ouse and tomorrow we aim to tackle the Wissey.

Watch this space......

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