Saturday, 12 July 2014

Do you ever get one of those days?

0730, Friday 11/07/2014.

There we were sitting in the lock at Denver Sluice

and we were soon off towards Salters Lode. We zoomed down stream on a strong ebb tide and then made a rapid left into the lock, that was when it all went horribly wrong. Having been warned that the water was high and knowing that there is little headroom as you enter the lock I had removed half the contents of  the top boxes. Should have removed a bit more. Anyone know a maker of top box covers? Because the cover of the middle box suffered terminal damage as it scraped the underside of the bridge. Didn't do the bucket that was stowed in there a lot of good either. Mind you Gaffa Tape is a wonderful invention.

Well Creek, lovely display of blanket weed, that stuff is really tenacious once it entwines itself around a propeller.

We struggled over Mullicourt Aqueduct and

through Outwell. We were more than happy to find the moorings at Upwell empty and we gratefully headed for them, at last our troubles were over for the day. That was when we picked up half a coal sack and a plastic carrier bag on the prop. Judicious use of the shaft got us within leaping distance, to my amazement we moored without either of us falling in.

So here we are at Upwell.

Watch this space...........

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