Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wandering on. Roof gardens and willow seeds.

It was quite a pleasant day today, once the rain stopped.

It's lucky the navigation channel is clearly marked,

we were nearly up the wrong creek before this emerged from the undergrowth. A swift bit of back'ards and we soon were heading in the right direction again.

Just past St. Neots we passed this boat, gives a whole new meaning to the term roof garden. I dread to think what the paint work is like under that lot.

It looks as though it is snowing but it is actually the willows letting their seeds go. There must be billions of them along the river, the water is white with them. Lucky they don't all germinate, we would never be able to burn all those logs.

Just above Eaton Socon Lock we found this idyllic E.A. mooring.
More rain forecast for tomorrow.

Watch this space.........

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