Saturday, 14 June 2014

Bike races and The Suicide Club.

Back at St. Ives, still cannot find any evidence of polygamy.
Today's excitement, St. Ives bicycle races. They have shut off the town centre to allow the races to occour. This has led to some rather heated exchanges between the marshals and local motorists who object to having to walk a hundred yards to the shops. That is what I call street entertainment.

We watched the junior race, right up there with watching paint dry. I must admit though that they really went for it.

Found this in a local antique emporium. It's a sweetheart brooch from the Machine Gun Corps. Two grandfathers served in the corps in W.W.1 so I was glad to snap it up. The machine gunners were nicknamed, "The Suicide Club," because of their high rate of casualties. Of 170,500 men and officers who served in the corps 62,049 became casualties of whom 12,298 were killed. Both relatives survived.

Watch this space.........

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