Monday, 2 June 2014

The Great Ouse gets a seal of approval.

Hooray, the E.A. removed the strong stream advice yesterday afternoon, so this morning we slipped our mooring lines and set off upstream.

Now there are many things one sees around the waterways but we were really not expecting this.

Relaxing on a landing stage was a common seal. I know it is not unusual for them to venture up rivers but this one must be of an unusually inquisitive bent to have made it this far. Don't tell the anglers though, it will drive them mad, the thought of all the fish it will eat.

We were soon passing Hemingford Grey and then

Houghton Mill. It's the only working water mill left on the Great Ouse. Now owned by the N.T. it still grinds flour which can be purchased by visitors.

Hartford church sits close to the water. We topped up with diesel at Hartford Marina, they do a proper declaration, none of your 40/60 rubbish.

At Brampton there is another old mill with its wheel still in situ. This one though is now a pub and restaurant.
We have stopped on the GOBA moorings just below Offord lock. Probably be pushing on tomorrow.

Watch this space...........

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