Sunday, 15 June 2014

The demise of my favourite jacket and a quick bus ride to Cambridge.

There is a superb bus service from St. Ives to Cambridge. Every twenty minutes on a Sunday and it runs along the old railway line which has been adapted purely for buses, no other traffic. So we decided to take a trip today. As we were getting off the boat I managed to hook the pocket of my jacket on the door catch and rrriiippp! I no longer had a jacket. So our visit to Cambridge turned into a hunt for a new jacket rather than an indulgence in the intellectual and architectural delights of the city.
Eventually found a fetching little number in pale blue that: a) Fitted and: b) Didn't break the bank. That being sorted we just had time for a quick dash round the centre before legging it for the bus back.

I'm glad we made the effort though because as things are panning out I doubt we will actually make it up to there.

Watch this space.........

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