Tuesday, 24 June 2014

And now, Burwell.

Good grief, did we really navigate up there? It doesn't look wide enough for a canoe. This morning we retraced our steps along Reach Lode with Jill perched on the front looking like Boudicca wielding her spear as she kept us clear of blanket weed

with well timed thrusts of the boat hook.

It was a relief to make the turn at the junction and head up Burwell Lode, much wider and relatively weed free until we passed cock-up bridge when we encountered a fair bit.

Not sure if this is Cock-Up Bridge or just a cock-up bridge, possibly just a generic local term for a lift bridge? It was soon after that this we saw a Marsh Harrier hunting across the fields.

 Something else you don't see every day, an abandoned hovercraft sits forlornly beside the lode.
We are now at Burwell for a day or so.

Watch this space........

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