Thursday, 5 June 2014

That's as far as we are going.

After spending yesterday watching the rain, this morning we headed onward. The locks at this end of the river have gates, or pointing doors as they call them around here, at both ends. This means that they can't be opened up at both ends to allow flood water to run off so they require rather exciting weirs.

Roxton Lock.

Great Barford. The flow from the weirs certainly ups the fun rating as you try and manoeuvre onto the lock landing and then into the lock.

Above Great Barford we passed the remains of an older lock, made redundant by river improvement schemes.

At Willington Lock we met up with the E.A. patrol boat, they had come down to recover the green buoy just visible below the weir in the picture. It had been washed down from Castle Mill Lock by the recent high water. Chatting to the lengthsman he advised us that, because of the predicted rain at the weekend, our best bet would be to go back to St. Neots and get on the pontoon moorings. As we were not overly keen to actually visit Bedford we have decided to terminate our upstream journey just below Cardington Lock. So here we are on the GOBA moorings. A quick walk across a rather up-market housing estate and you have a choice of Tescos or Waitrose supermarkets.

Tomorrow we intend starting to retrace our steps.

Watch this space.........

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