Saturday, 7 June 2014

It's been a funny old day......

On the pontoon moorings at St. Neots. This morning we awoke to a monotonous thumping noise and, on poking our noses out we were greeted by

a scene more suited to the Yangtse. Dragon boats racing up and down.
Having broken our fast to the accompaniment of booming drums and shouted exhortations for more effort we wandered up into town.

A momentary time warp in the High Street.

A classic 1960's cafe racer? Actually a fake, it has a Yamaha motor, but it did look good.

Then down a back lane behind the Pig and Falcon. It left us somewhat bemused so we scuttled back to the market square.

Yes, it's been a funny old day.

Watch this space........


Kath said...

I was fairly intrigued by the dancers as my husband is an ex Morris dancer, I had seen nothing like them before. I've been doing a bit of googling and find they are the Pig Dyke Molly Dancer from Cambridge way, looks like they are a slightly (?) anarchic side. I must hunt them out, they look really interesting.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

We only caught the end of their performance, they were definitely different.

nb Chuffed said...

We saw the Blackface Molly dancers at the Sidmouth folk festival some years ago. Morris dancing on speed! they were fabulous (mind you I love Morris too)