Thursday, 24 April 2014

Through Braunston.

Nothing unusual about this boat you may think, except it is north of bridge 89 on the Oxford Canal and that is a narrow canal. It must have been really tight getting it this far through the bridges and there isn't a winding hole until just before Hillmorton. It will be interesting, trying to get it back onto the G.U.
We passed it yesterday on our way to Braunston.

Compulsory picture of Braunston church up on the ridge.
We moored on The Boat House's moorings and nipped up to the Braunston butcher's shop. Always good meat from there. A couple of beers in The Boat House at lunch time and in the evening, as it was St. George's day, we put on our best lagging and dined in the same establishment. I wore my St. George's cross cufflinks, dead posh.
This morning we made an early(ish) start up the locks.

At lock two a breasted up pair were just coming out. An evocative picture, it could have been a pair heading back to the Moira Cut for another load of coal for the jam 'ole at Kearley and Tonge. It was actually motor Swan, last seen at Atherstone and another motor, ex G.U.C.C.Co.  Renfrew, on their way back from Foxton.

There was a continuous stream of boats coming down from then on, at least all the locks were for us.

Into Braunston Tunnel, after Harecastle a couple of weeks back, this one is high, wide and handsome and wide enough for boats to pass, with a bit of a squeeze. We met five, one of which had no tunnel light on. I pointed it out to the steerer and he said that our new light was so bright coming towards him that he hadn't noticed, he then turned his on! I must admit our new light is brighter than our old one but not that much.

At Norton Junction we decided that three hours and six locks was enough for the day and as the visitor moorings were empty we moored.
Off down  the Buckby flight tomorrow, I don't suppose they will have got any easier. Jill has handed the windlass to me again, just for the day.

Watch this space...........


Maffi said...

There are several 'fat as a pig' boats at Barby Marina. I wonder when CRT will ban them. There are places where a fat boat and a narrow boat passing will put the narrow boat up on the mud.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

They definitely would struggle passing the moorings on Barby straight. I sometimes wonder whether we're the only sane ones out here.