Friday, 4 April 2014

Requiem for an alternator.

As I sit here, weeping quietly into my poor battered cheque book, I wonder what idiot once said that the best things in life are free.
This morning we gently left our overnight moorings and I peered down onto the electric panel and "Lo", a little red light was staring, unblinking, at me. We pulled in to Wheelock water point and as Jill sorted out the re-watering I investigated the electrical system. This is akin to a coal miner checking on airworthiness. Even to an ignoramus like me it was obvious that the domestic alternator was no longer providing the required supply of wiggly amps. Large domestic alternators do not sit on the shelves of most chandleries but  Heritage Boats came up trumps.

Deceased alternator reclining on back end. We now have a nice new alternator, even painted the same green as the engine, supplying lots of thingies that appear to keep the telly happy. However the hole in the bank account.......!
Just to keep the happy atmosphere,

The Canal Centre at Hassal Green is no longer with us and

the poor old Romping Donkey is still derelict, thanks to the efforts of the current owner who knocked down a great chunk of a listed building without permission. I'm no lover of English Heritage but there are limits, especially with regards to a pub.

But I cheered up watching the traffic on the motorway,

not a movement, solid gridlock. We managed four lock miles per hour.

Just a couple of pictures that Jill took and I like. That's the advantage of having a blog, you can put whatever you like on it and I like these.

Watch this space..........


Jacquie said...

That did make me smile, your humorous way of telling it, had a bit of an expensive day myself yesterday! so I know the feeling. Continued happy cruising to you both. Jacquie

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

The joys of boating!!!