Saturday, 19 April 2014

Coal from the Ashby.

The day turned into two, well the weather was lovely and I had some maggots left over and it seemed a shame to waste them. Not that the fish were cooperating.
I do wonder what farmers put on the fields these days.

Perhaps he wanted his field to be the same colour as the neighbours, should he be told you need to grow oilseed, not spray paint the soil?
Yesterday we were caught on the hop and only just grabbed the camera in time to catch the moment

as Aquarius passed, loaded with coal off the Ashby. Behind her on a long line was

her butty, Ilford, similarly loaded.

They will be touring the system this summer to bring publicity to the Ashby restoration. How long since a loaded pair came off the Ashby?

It is also to celebrate receiving a cheque for £250,000 from British Coal who are mining coal up Measham way and have agreed to put £1,280,000 towards the restoration as part of the conditions for getting permission to mine.

This morning it was our turn to go through Marston Junction, not up the Ashby this time though.

Passing Charity Dock under the watchful eye of the local mutt.
The inhabitants seem to be full of the joys of spring,

an homage to Sgt. Pepper? And as the poet says,"In the spring a young man's fancy turns lightly ..........."

Seems to be serious about it.
On through Suttons Stop, as I braced myself to make the dreaded hairpin turn onto the Oxford a little white cruiser shot out into the middle of the junction and proceeded to perform a couple of pirouettes. Most unnerving, however I managed to avoid him and get round without hitting anything.

Yarn bombing is alive and well at the stop lock.
Stopped for the day a mile or so south of the junction, snooker from The Crucible on the telly. That's it for three weeks, she'll be glued to the box.

Watch this space........

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