Monday, 21 April 2014

Cast iron bridges from the Horseley Iron Works.

We travelled as far as Rugby yesterday, this length of canal is marked by a succession of Horseley Iron Works towpath bridges.

These are over the entrances to old arms, the remains of the original route of the Oxford Canal. By the 1820's the meanderings of the original line were making it uncompetitive so the northern section was straightened. The old loops were left to serve local wharves and eventually silted up and became abandoned.

One or two have found a new use though.

As has the Rugby Arm, now a hire base and moorings.
Horseley Iron Works was situated alongside the Toll End Communication Canal in Tipton, near Birmingham and became famous for cast iron canal bridges, the B.C.N. was a big customer and besides the signature design it was also responsible for the Engine Arm Aqueduct and the high Galton Bridge. They also were major suppliers of railway bridges.
Today it was a serious raid on the oh so convenient Tescos and after stocking up the store cupboard and the wine rack we had a wander round the local retail park. We found a store called Range, it's amazing the things you suddenly discover you just can't survive without. Like a new laundry basket, a cast iron trivet, a new set of wooden spoons and a couple of cheap dvd's. And we never knew we needed them.
Now watching the snooker. Mark Selby, the jester from Leicester, playing Michael White. Six frames to four at the moment, close match.

Watch this space.............

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