Monday, 28 April 2014

Gayton Junction.

Having surfeited on snooker over the weekend; today we moved on.

Gayton Junction, last year we went straight on, heading for Brentford and the Thames. This year we are aiming for different waters so we took a swift left onto the Northampton arm. We stopped at the marina and obtained the obligatory E.A. key for the Nene and some slightly more up to date Imray guides to the Nene, the Middle Levels and the Great Ouse. It's the first time we have ventured in this direction so, just before the Rothersthorpe Locks, we moored.

Feels a bit  like the K&A, can't get the boat right in and have to take a flier to get ashore.

Tomorrow it's off down the flight to join the River Nene in Northampton.

Watch this space.............

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