Thursday, 3 April 2014

A short canal, two closed pubs and a close encounter with a micro light amongst other things.

What a difference, having become thoroughly disillusioned with EE and their dongle, I decided to go for a change. There seemed to be only one sensible choice, 3 with their mobile Wi-Fi, everyone I spoke to who has one praises it, so while in Chester I wandered into the 3 store and went for it. For an extra two quid a month I get fifteen thingies instead of the five EE supplied and there is no comparison on speed. Coverage seems better as well. Hope I don't speak too soon.
This morning we set off from Middlewich and were soon descending Wardle Lock.

The old lock cottage is looking sadly dilapidated, not sure of the current status, is anyone actually restoring it?

The lock and this short section of canal are the entirety of the Wardle Canal, built in 1829 by the Trent & Mersey Canal to connect with the Middlewich Arm of the Shropshire Union and thereby making sure they controlled the junction of the two canals.

Coming out under the bridge and turning towards Kings Lock takes concentration, especially if you want to get on the water point that is located against the bridge abutment, needless to say we made the manoeuvre with precision and panache.

The Kings Lock is closed and up for sale, again.

By lock 70, Rumps Lock, the old Kinderton Arms is still derelict, it has been like that as long as I can remember.

Above the lock we passed Gailey, resplendent in British Waterways colours and being operated by C&RT. She's an ex F.M.C. butty, iron composite, built FMC Saltley in 1899. Converted to a motor at Yarwoods in 1937.

Along this stretch the canal widens out and is, I am informed, of considerable depth. Subsidence due to salt extraction means that the banks have had to be built up to maintain the canal.

Lots of new housing going up along the cut, rather reminiscent of Pete Seegers song,"Little Boxes".
Finally moored at Paddy's Wood, oddly named as there is no wood  and I've yet to meet any Hibernians in the area.

Just after we moored matey here came in at a rate of knots and cleared the boat roof by about two foot, I just managed to grab the camera and then he was gone!
Moving on tomorrow.

Watch this space.........

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