Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Another visit from an old friend.

06:15 yesterday morning, someone knocking on the boat, peered out to check and

found that our friend was back and busily sorting out the invertebrate population. Only this time he had his oppo' with him. I had a quiet word and they left, only to return a little later.

I managed to dissuade them from a further visit.
As it was a beautiful morning and we were both wide awake we shook off a desire to return to the arms of Morpheus and, having consumed the morning muesli, we set off up the locks.

Bottom gates of lock seven with train on bridge, getting to be an obsession.

Two views of the steps at the tail of lock six,  not often used now.

When we arrived at the moorings at Atherstone we found another Cowburn & Cowper motor moored by the old hat factory.

Nearby, on a little patch of rough ground, a peacock butterfly was basking in the spring sunshine. They usually scarper as soon as I point the camera at them, but this chap was up for posing.
Having a need to stock up we wandered off into town.

Market day in Atherstone, good veg. stall and an excellent supplier of wet fish. So smoked haddock for Jill and a kipper for me this morning.

I add this picture because I like the ambience.
There is a splendid fishing tackle shop just by the market and, having acquired some maggots, when we got back to the boat I settled down for a spot of fishing.

Best fish of the day, a 1lb 7oz roach.
Later we treated ourselves to our normal Atherstone indulgence, a few pints in The Maid of the Mill and then fish and chips from the adjacent chippy.
This morning, after a quick trip to the Co-Op, we set off for a more rural mooring.

Moored near Springwood Haven with views across acres of oilseed rape.
A day here tomorrow?

Watch this space.........

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