Sunday, 13 April 2014

Avoiding the rush at Fradley.

Early start, after our compulsory Sunday breakfast fry up; today it was egg, bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms and a fried potato cake. Accompanied by Staffordshire oatcakes. That certainly stuck to the ribs.
Through Woodend Lock having only seen one boat and into Shadehouse as a boat entered Middle Lock. We passed in the pound.

Looking towards the junction from Middle Lock and to our surprise nothing else was moving.

The Mucky Duck was glowing in the spring sunshine, to be honest it's not one of my favourite pubs but everyone to their own.
We made the turn and were soon through the little swing bridge

and on the waterpoint. While Jill attended to the water I wandered off down to the C&RT yard with the rubbish.

 The old B.W. van is still there although now in need of a little t.l.c.
We had got our timing right, as we left the waterpoint two boats exited from the Coventry onto the T.&M. just as another came out from Junction Lock, it looked like things were hotting up.
It was then a quiet trip, along past Huddlesford Junction where the stub of the Wyrley and Essington is in use as moorings by Lichfeld Cruising Club

and the abutment of the bridge is being used as shelter

for its nest by an astute swan.
Apart from the wind it was a pleasant mornings travelling, by midday we were snugged in by Tamhorn House Bridge, just across from Hopwas Woods.

Watch this space.........

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