Friday, 19 July 2013

Well done our Noah.

Yesterday morning and up Seend Locks, like so much else on this lovely canal they are in need of some t.l.c.

No date yet for repairs.

Apparently they had two incidents in one day of narrowboats, well festooned with fenders, becoming wedged in the gates, in one case it took them seven and a half hours to extract them. Moral: don't festoon your boat with fenders.
In the afternoon we were collected by daughter Cairstine and whisked off to grandson Noah's theatrical extravaganza to celebrate leaving junior school.

The smug grin of the consummate performer. He had the plum part,

Master of ceremonies

and link man.

They all did brilliantly, good on them.
Cairstine then treated us to a slap up meal in the local Thai restaurant. The Blue Orchid. Worth a punt if you're ever in Marlborough and feeling peckish.
Into the marina tomorrow.

Watch this space.......

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